Our first product was Olea’s chili oil, created way back in 2018; it is all homemade, natural, and has no preservatives. Then suddenly, as a pandemic happened, the owner started a new product which is Olea’s sauteed shrimp paste, in May 2020. Then in July 2020, the owner taught of something unique to offer for safety, reliability, and ease for the consumers. The name meat my veggies came from her thesis way back in college. That is how the name “meat my veggies” was born. Aside from that, the owner was observing before on those vendors who can’t sell much of their goods due to the pandemic since none go out of their homes for their safety. Therefore, the owner taught of something that can help them amidst the Covid-19, which is to have a partnership with the vendors. So that’s why Marnellie created Meat My Veggies and that all the Premium Meat, Local Meat, and condiments are supplied by Meat My Veggies, and of course, vegetables and fruits are supplied by the Vegetable vendors. Although we partnered with them doesn’t mean our goods are not quality because rest assured the company checks and makes sure that the products that we offer are quality and safe for the consumers.


The Mission of MGC OLEA ENTERPRISE is full of heart to serve people with quality and excellent both in goods and services. To leave a legacy that we will be known not because of our success but because of what we do, what we are, and who we are. A safe place for every employee and to all the small businesses and a reminder that they are not alone in this journey; together as a team, we will go through thick or thin because we are one.


A leading and aspiring company globally competitive but has the heart to serve. A company that will go to places not only in the Philippines but also in the other countries too, Our vision takes us to be a safe place for every employee’s dream and to help the small businesses to rise above and to have a chance to grow their business too and be part of the economic growth.


Marnellie Grace Olea is the founder, owner, and CEO of MGC Olea Enterprise. She graduated from FEU Main with a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. She is also a former chef at Marriott Hotel and soon changed path and entered the corporate field. 

She is a musician and a businesswoman whose passion thrusts her to exceed every endeavor she takes consistently. 

In May 2020, armed with her strong faith in God, she decided to innovate and expand her current business, and MeatMyVeggies was born.